Xavier Smales

Xavier Smales (MArch, BA)

Senior Architectural Designer

Xavier has a deep-rooted passion for sustainability in the built environment, applied through architecture, urbanism and design.  

He graduated with distinction from the London School of Architecture Master’s programme. He has four years’ professional experience working in heritage, creative adaptation, office, residential and masterplanning with architects BDP and Doh Eain (a heritage-led, placemaking social enterprise based in Yangon, Myanmar). His projects have included the world’s largest timber facade on Google’s Kings Cross headquarters and a masterplan for the Parliamentary Estate in Westminster, looking at the creative adaptation and conservation of a number of historic buildings. 

Xavier runs a small, tightly organised in-house design and research team. Its job is to ensure the design DNA of Human Nature is continually refined and improved, informs all briefs to external designers and other professionals and guides all future design decisions. This work begins with project Blueprints prepared by the team. These blueprints are essentially working hypotheses for our places, buildings, public realm, uses and infrastructures. They are informed by meticulous study of the context and genius loci for each project and then thorough research of precedents – benchmarks for our own work so that we can be both inspired and take practical guidance and comfort from innovations and outcomes achieved elsewhere. The result feeds into and drives the interdisciplinary Human Nature teams in our collective mission to collaborate in designing beautiful and sustainable mixed-use urban neighbourhoods. And then deploy the models and typologies again and again for the rapid take up of sustainable environments. 

Xavier loves spending time outdoors playing tennis, cycling or trekking (he’s got great photos from the UK’s 3 Peaks challenge and Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit Trek to prove it).