“We need a new generation of inspiring places that point towards a better future. Working to different values, new models of investment, partnership and collaboration, they can provide insights, learning and can-do optimism as we enter the most challenging episode of human history.”

Jonathan Smales, Founder & CEO Human Nature

What we do

Human Nature is a campaigning business founded by two former Greenpeace directors with 50 years’ experience in the sustainable built environment. 

We aim to build and inspire a new generation of sustainable places where people can live great lives within the planet’s limits. We focus on where we live to create positive change in how we live.

We are creating a portfolio of remarkable places and communities of different types and at different scales in pursuit of exponential sustainability. Our purpose is to use wise investment and world-class urban design to craft places that are cherished and stand the test of time while fostering diverse communities and resilient local economies.  

We deploy the highest quality sustainable and regenerative urbanism, integrating new design and architecture with landscape and superb public realm, while prioritising car-free movement and shared and inclusive living. 

These new places will demonstrate unequivocally how emergencies in the climate and natural world must be the catalyst for change.

Why we do it

People are craving a better way of life that’s healthier for them, their families and the planet. We’re all searching for a new normal. Where we live affects how we live, so place really matters. 

The built environment is a leading cause of global environmental devastation. We have to fundamentally re-think the way we plan, design, finance, build, own and manage places.

In this context, a new generation of places must be made (and existing places re-made) to dance to a different tune. They must be designed and built in ways that eliminate waste and pollution, mitigate and adapt to the global climate crisis, inspire and enable people to live well and regenerate the natural world.

These new places must outcompete others as locations of choice for families, become magnets for new, more ethical investment and provide a platform for the best planners, engineers, designers, ecologists, builders and technology businesses to do their best work. 

We need to reimagine the communities we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in and the everyday sustainable lives we want to lead. So let’s re-design the homes, streets and places we live in.

How we do it

We plan, design and build elegant and exceptionally sustainable developments, places and communities.

We do this by assembling land, partnerships, and aligned investment. We bring together teams of outstanding specialists in close-knit interdisciplinary collaborations and unusual alliances.

Together we deploy in-depth collaborative design processes to engage people in defining, shaping and assembling the elements of a place where they and future residents will want to live, work and play. We start with Human Nature’s Impact Framework for Remarkable Places and from there dig down into the detail from fine-grained urbanism to circularity, connectivity to innovative housing design.

We know that to succeed in our objectives and have a real and lasting impact, we, our investors, our partners and our community have to be prepared to do everything differently.