In an era some call the Anthropocene, when natural habitat and biological diversity are being catastrophically eroded or lost, we need to go Super Green, achieving net environmental gain.
Human Nature developments seek to: provide new and rich habitats for other life, when possible connecting green spaces together, helping them to become more diverse and resilient ecologically, and give rise to productive urban and peri-urban horticulture and farming, all while facilitating greatly improved opportunities for play and learning.

We subscribe to E.O.Wilson’s proposal that, globally, half of the earth’s land should eventually be devoted exclusively to nature. And locally Human Nature will strive to plan for and design compact places that in aggregate conserve land, regenerate damaged land and ecosystems and bring nature everywhere into urban places.
Super Green also means getting people into nature, to experience it for health and well-being and so that we learn about the value nature holds and offers.