Linda Malaleb

Linda Malaeb (DipArch, BA)

Designer / Project Manager

Linda is a key member of the in-house design and research team. She joined us having completed her Masters at the London School of Architecture following earlier studies at Kent University. Her design interests and thesis focus on achieving a collective sense of belonging in the places we call home.

She has worked previously at award-winning architecture practices such as Cullinan Studio and John McAslan and Partners with experience of various housing projects and masterplans.

Linda works on concepts and designs across the whole portfolio of a Human Nature project in close collaboration with her colleagues in the in-house team and with external designers. She has a particular strength in research and in assembling disparate parts into convincing whole schemes rendered through compelling diagrams and characterful illustrations. She designs and illustrates beautifully, animating otherwise abstract ideas about place.       

Linda is fluent in Arabic, Italian and English and her culinary competence is similarly international. She’s also passionate about music (especially jazz) and stage design.