Human + Nature (new)

What if all new developments were co-created with the people who live in them?

Our purpose is to create a family of remarkable developments by 2030, inspiring a new generation of sustainable places and enabling ways of living that meet the greatest challenges and seize the greatest opportunities of our age; to change forever perceptions about how communities thrive.

Action taken in the next 30 years is critical to stabilising the global climate, adapting to changes in temperature and rainfall already in train, eliminating air pollution, regenerating the living world, and rebuilding communities eroded by social division.

This an existential crisis. We must build a new world.

Human+Nature is acquiring land, planning, designing and building a new generation of remarkable places and communities fit for the 21st-century – new landmarks for a better world – as well as growing the movement for change.

The power of place will be remarkable.


We shape our places, and afterwards our places shape us

Winston Churchill

Human+Nature is creating regenerated places and new communities – new landmarks – fit for the 21st century, with the scope and scale to resonate impactfully across the built environment sector, profoundly improve the lives of tens of thousands of families, to inspire and enable better and more sustainable ways of living.

These places are built to stand the test of time, truly sustainable, beautiful and inclusive new communities and regenerated neighbourhoods with supporting green and blue infrastructures; these places have the scope, scale, imagination and rigour, to inspire a step-change in place-making and ways of living in the UK and beyond.

Places matter: they are where we live our lives, where we belong; they inhibit or encourage shared experience, delight, community, and the low impact living critical both to well-being and a sustainable future.

Today we have 1.9 billion children, which is the likely to be the highest ever number in human history – it has not been and will not be higher. Socializing this peak generation into a new economic vision – renewable energy, healthy products, asset sharing and reinvestment into natural systems – will ripple through the rest of the century.

A Good Disruption – Stuchtey, Enkvist, Zumwinkel

So, how shall we live?

We used to think about how the world could sustain our way of living – now it’s all about what lifestyles the world can sustain. Every issue that concerns us in sustainability comes back to the way we live.

So, how shall we live? And how can we plan, design and manage places that help us to live well and sustainably?

A new vision, and a new energy

Founded by two former Greenpeace directors with 60 years of collective experience in the sustainable built environment, Human+Nature is building a team of investment, land, planning, design, development management, construction, CRM and asset and estate management professionals.

We benefit from a network of architects and other designers, landscape and ecology experts, engineers, cost consultants, lawyers. There is a core of people and organisations on whom we rely on for much of our work: this gives speed, reliability and cost-efficiency.

We regard these people as our partners not simply consultants. But we also assemble bespoke teams to fit the brief for any one project and are always interested in meeting and recruiting new talent.

A new vision and a new energy are coming into being… as so often in the past, the catastrophic moments are also creative moments.

The Great Work – Thomas Berry

A series of great opportunities disguised as insoluble problems

John Gardner

Human+Nature is focused on deepening connections, engaging and communicating, stretching imaginations and boundaries, re-defining the art of the possible and amplifying impacts. We actively engage in the wider community of sustainability, business, design, and the built environment, listening carefully, learning, adding and sharing.

Our partnerships, events, customer relations and digital newsletter will all serve to engage and build a community of people – activists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, future customers – for the better world we seek.
We have started this work with two projects: our manifesto and a workshop for a remarkable city for the Oxford Cambridge Arc.

When providing advice to Michael Gove’s Commission for Sustainable Business (DEFRA, UK government), we proposed that growth in the Oxford Cambridge Arc should be focused on a new city. And that this new city should be a remarkable city.

We decided to ask a group of friends from our partnerships network to explore what this remarkable city might be like.

Demonstrating real and measurable impacts

Real estate is not an end itself. It is a means – a tool – to help us shape a sustainable future and give people improved life chances. Human+Nature has developed a planning, monitoring and evaluation framework for impact with the Useful Simple Trust.