No time for business as usual

Climate breakdown and the collapse of the natural world are the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced. As Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK government chief scientific adviser, has said “nothing short of transforming society is needed to avert catastrophe”.

That transformation must begin with where and how we live. The built environment, the materials traditionally used in construction,  our dependence on private cars to reach our daily needs, excess consumption and waste are all major contributors to carbon emissions – we can and must do things differently. We must reimagine our lives, our communities and our neighbourhoods. 

At Human Nature, we believe the most palpable way to grow a positive movement for a better future is through brilliant placemaking.

What we do

Human Nature is designing and building new neighbourhoods where it is easy and enjoyable to live a low-impact life. Bringing together outstanding teams working in architecture, regenerative urbanism, sustainable construction and renewable energy, we create elegant and exceptional places with a focus on sharing more in a communal and sociable environment.

Together we craft places that will withstand the challenges of the 21st century, while fostering diverse and circular local economies and regenerative ecosystems. All our projects are measured against our Circle of Impact framework, which outlines the key steps necessary to achieve exponential sustainability through the way we design, build and live. 

Who we are

Human Nature was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Smales and Michael Manolson, two former Greenpeace directors. It grew out of Beyond Green, a leading UK consultancy in sustainable development. We are based in Lewes, East Sussex, where we are bringing forward our flagship Phoenix Project.